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More Creative Writing 

A Virtual Creative Writing Workshop is a safe place where you can come to write and receive immediate feedback.

  • What to write - Prompts will be provided. You can accept the timed prompt or not. The prompts are created/selected to encourage you to explore your writing voice.  At the end of the allocated time, I will ask you to stop writing. 

  • What to share- Only work written during the workshop can be shared. Everyone will have an opportunity to share. You never have to share. 

  • Feedback- Feedback is not mandatory but encouraged. After listening to a piece if you feel inclined, offer comments to the reader.  Comments should be brief and honest. Some types of comments regularly given are what was engaging, worked well, or caught your attention as a listener.

When providing feedback always assume the work is fictional and use the word, author, writer, narrator to describe the voice of the person who has written the piece.  We will never be critical of any work that is done during the workshop as the writing is not yet complete and has not gone through any edits. 


Everything read and said in the workshop is confidential. Although writing is assumed to be fictional, all writers reveal themselves to some extent in their writing whether intentional or not. 



If paid in advance four sessions for $70 or $20 per session.   The unused portion bundle will be refunded if sessions are not scheduled within a 6-week period. Contact for more information. 

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