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Customize your experience by adding an enhancement to your massage.  Enhancement are not a standalone service.





Enhance your massage by adding essential oil to your massage.  


Cold-Stone Face Massage

Gemstones (Jasper,Rose Quartz, White Howlite, Mahogany Obsidian etc) cooled in peppermint water and used to gently massage the face.  Help reduce sinus pressure.




Scalp Massage

Vigorous yet relaxing scalp massage with a blend of 6oils including: jojoba, carrot, castor, vitamin E, avocado and almond oils. Customize your scalp massage by adding essential oils. We recommend Rosemary and or Lavender.



Foot Scrub

Rejuvenate your feet with a hydrating foot scrub.  This treatment includes a warm foot soak, with a scrub massaged with a focus on your archs and heels .  

$20  - 10 minute add on service

Dry Body Brushing

Includes take-home brush $15


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